How to approach a girl and make her like you

First of all, if you want to learn how to approach a girl then you need to leave the pick-up line mindset. Are you aware that 80% of females are more likely to reject a guy when he uses a pick-up line? This strategy usually makes you appear immature and like a loser in the eyes of woman.

You need to use something that actually works to approach a woman anywhere. When you use a pick-up line 90% of the time women will spot what you are attempting to do and be wary of your intentions. At the beginning just try to be friendly. Approach her in an enjoyable way that will make her wish to see you again.

Tips to get near a girl you like

  1. Initial eye contact: When you make eye contact smile to her, if she chuckles get close to her and ask her something. You can then start talking from that point.
  2. Use her clothing to your advantage: take a look at something she is using and ask her what is the tale behind that, and compare it to something you have. You can then tease her a little about its design, but always being polite.
  3. Use your surroundings: you can ask any question to begin a conversation using the current situation or surroundings. For example, if you meet her at a drawing course you can tell her: “You are very skilled, I really like your paintings”

Going all out

When you feel it is the time to approach the woman you need to do it with self-confidence. Typically, when you make eye contact with a girl that is the perfect time to go all out. When you do approach her make sure you are relaxed and do not appear excessively interested because this attitude simply frightens a girl off. Stand straight and tall and get near her with self-confidence. When you are close to her, smile and say hello. Put your hand out and introduce yourself to see what occurs.

learn how to approach a girl you like

Don’ts when approaching a woman

There is no actual step-by-step guide to approach a woman, but there are a couple of things that you do not wish to do.

Never use pickup lines unless you want to appear as a fool

Like it was mentioned in the beginning, never use pick-up lines and tricks. Females are usually drawn to sincere guys. A genuine man does not need to use techniques to get a girl interested in him. A woman might believe you are insecure when you approach her with a pick-up line, and that’s not very appealing for her.

Don’t act like a creep

If you gaze for too long before approaching her, she may believe you are a sicko. When you are uncertain of the best moment to get close to her, simply check out her eyes and smile. If she is interested, she will smile back and it will be simpler to begin a conversation.

Likewise, waiting too long will cause you to lose self-confidence. You have absolutely nothing to lose, simply approach her and see what happens.

Trying too hard to impress her

Girls hate guys who talk about themselves trying to impress her; she will find you very dull in case you do this. Most men make that error and end up losing the woman. It’s far better to get her talking about her life, hobbies, etc. Remarkably, she will find you very fascinating even if you don’t speak much. Females like talking about themselves; use that to your benefit.

Keep trying

If a woman is not interested for whatever reason, do not take it personally and proceed with another girl you like. When you do not succeed in getting a girl to like you that does not imply you have failed. Keep in mind that the woman you approached could already be in a relationship or like someone else, or she is simply not searching for somebody at that time.

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